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1. A Ferris wheel with a radius of 7m makes one complete revolution every 16 s. The bottom of the wheel is 1.5m above ground.
a)Find the equation of the graph
b)predict how the graph and the equation will change if the Ferris wheel turns more slowly
c) test your predictions from part b by drawing a graph for three revolutions and finding a equation if the wheel completes one revolution every 20 s.

  • trig -

    since sin(kt) has period 2pi/k, we have

    y = 7sin(pi/8 t) + 8.5

    with appropriate shift depending on where the wheel is at time 0.

    slower turning means longer period, so the coefficient of t will decrease.

  • trig -

    why pi?

  • trig -

    set 2pi/k = 16 and solve for k.
    Because the period is 16. Normally, sin(x) has period 2pi. Review your text and reread my first line.

  • trig -

    i dont know the answer

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