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Posted by Amy on Friday, July 19, 2013 at 11:19am.

The separation of homologous chromosomes is called:
A. synapsis.
B. segregation.
C. mitosis.
D. fertilization.

is it C

2. In humans, the genes for blood type A and B show lack of dominance to one another and both dominate O. Two type O people would be able to have:
A. IO IA IB IAB type children.
B. only O type children.
C. IO IA type children.
D. only AB type children.

is it D

3. The sex of mammals is determined by:
A. the autosomes they receive.
B. the type of sex chromosomes received.
C. the number of recessive chromosomes received.
D. None of these answers is or may be a factor.

is it B

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