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Define a variable and write an inequality for each of the following.

A. When 3 times a number is decreased by 8, the result is at least 2 times the number.

B. Ignatz, the Airedale, and Angus, the Scottie, collect bones. Ignatz has 5 more than Angus. They have at least 27 bones between them. What is the least each dog has collected?

C. John is 10 years older than Kathy and the sum of their ages is more than 60. Kathy is older than what age?

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    If the number is x, then 3x-8 is=or greater than 2x.

    Agnus has x bones and Ignatz has x+5.
    Then x+x+5=27 or 2x=27-5=22
    Or x=11. Ignatz has 11+5=16.

    Kathy mis x and John is x+10
    Then x+x+10 is greater than 60
    Or 2x+10is greater than 60
    Or 2x 10 is greater than 50
    Or x is greater than 25.

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    PS: There is slight typo.
    Please readt first line as 'Kath is' and third line as 2x+10.

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