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Computers C++

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1). After the assignment statement
result = isspace('\t');
result has the value ________.

2). The data type of
is ________.

3). What will be output given the following information:

float * pointer;
float pay = 3.75;
pointer = &pay;
cout << &pointer;

A. 3.75
B. the address of pay
C. the address of pointer
D. an error
E. none of the above

4). Every function that begins with a data type in the heading, rather than the word void, must have a(n) ________ statement somewhere, usually at the end, in its body of instructions.

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    What are your thoughts?

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    1) The value is (int)1 or (bool)True
    3) islower corresponds with CHAR

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    3 B. the address of pay

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