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A. John is now 10 years older than Marcus. Three times John's age 5 years from now will be the same as five times Marcus's age 5 years ago. How old is John now?

B. In 1 year Kristen will be four times as old as Danielle. Ten years from then Kristen will only be twice as old as Danielle. How old is Kristen now?

C. A woman was 30 years old when her daughter was born.Her age is now 6 years more than three times her daughter's age. How old will the daughter be in 5 years?

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    1. John is now 45 years old.

    45 (John) ---- 50 X 3 = 150
    35 (Marcus) ---- 30 X 5 = 150

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    thank you

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    john's present age is at least three times as great as his age 10 years ago. Find the greatest possible age of john at present

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    J=10 + M
    3J +5=5M-5


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