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AP Calculus

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Show work to determine if the relation is even, odd, or neither.
1. 3x=|y| (|y|=abs. value of y)

Simplify the following complex fractions.
2. [(3/x)-(4/y)]/[(4/x)-(3/y)]


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    1. what's the definition of even/odd function?

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    If f(-x) = f(x), the function is even.

    If f(-x) = -f(x), the function is odd.

    If neither is true, the answer is neither.

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    well, you have

    3x = |y|
    x = |y|/3

    f(-y) = |-y|/3 = |y|/3 so even

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    okay thank youu so much. This is a summer review packet before calculus and I don't remember how to do any of this!

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    Wait.. does it matter if it's f(x) or f(y)?

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    sure it does. y is not even a function of x, since there are two values of y for each positive value of x.

    x can be defined as a function of y, as I did above. In this case, the relation can be shown to be even.

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    Got it. Thanks lol

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