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Homework Help: Chemistry AP

Posted by Emily on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 3:09pm.

I'm using Zumdahl 7th Edition Chemistry Book and I'm having trouble with some practice problems in the first chapter.

Here are a few:
87: Sterling silver is a solid solution of silver and copper. If a piece of a sterling silver necklace has a mass of 105.0 g and a volume of 10.12 m, calculate the mass percent of copper in the piece of necklace. Assume that the volume of silver present plus the volume of copper present equals the total volume.

Mass percent of copper =(mass of copper/total mass ) x100

93: At the Amundsen-scott south pole base station in Antarctica, when the temperature is -100.0 degrees F, researchers there can join "300 club" by stepping into 200.0F sauna then quickly run outside, around South Pole. What are those temps in C? [MY QUESTION: I tried to convert -100.0 F into Celcius, but the amount of significant figures I came up with were 4 (73.33), while the back of my book came up with 3 (73.3) In K? If temps only in C and K, can you become member of 300 club? (degree difference = 300)

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