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Math 116

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1.IN a given training week, a swimmer completes 1/4 mile on day one, 2/5 mile on day two, and 3/7 mile on day three. How many total miles does the athlete swim in the given week?

a. 151/140 miles
b.3/70 miles
c.3/8 miles
d.37/35 miles

2. The temperature on one day in January for Phoenix. Az is 42 degrees farenheit. On the same day in Barrow, AK the temperature is -31 degress fahrenheit . What is the difference between these two temperature?
a.-11 degrees fahrenheit
b.-31 degrees fahrenheit
c.11 degrees fahrenheit
d.73 degrees fahrenheit

3.A clothing store offers a 10% discount on all purchases. What is the discount in dollars (before tax) for an item originally costing $22.00 dollars?

4. A taxi company charges $2.40 for the first mile and $1.20 per mile for each additional mile. How much would the bill be for a 15 mile trip?

  • Math 116 -

    Which of these questions don't you understand?

  • Math 116 -

    Hi Ms Sue I am confuse right now for #1 my answer was b. #2 a and c #3 c and a #4 b

  • Math 116 -

    1. Wrong. The common denominator is 140.

    2. Wrong. 42 dropping to 0 is a 42 degree drop. Then it dropped another 31 degrees.

    3. Wrong. Read the question carefully.

    4. Right.

  • Math 116 -

    17 degree

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