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If the solubility of CaF2 (s) in water is 5.0 x 10^-3. The solubility will be
A. The same in 0.10 M NaF
B. less than 0.10 M NaF
C. Higher in 0.10 M NaF
D.None of the above

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    Why can't you use the same screen name. It takes longer to answer when we must surf through different names. At least you're consistent;ie., I see all of the names start with the letter M.
    ........CaF2 ==> Ca^2+ + 2F^-
    Ksp = (Ca^2+)(F^-)^2 = 5E-3

    Then NaF --> Na^+ + F^-
    Note NaF is 100^ ionized and 0.1M NaF gives 0.1M Na^+ and 0.1M F^-. So F^- is a common ion, that will increase F^- in the CaF2 equilibrium, the reaction will shift to the left and ........

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