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Grd 12 U English

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I am the discussion director for my group.
I have to grab 4 reallyyy good discussion questions for the book The Kite Runner.

I already found one good question, I need the other 3. It has to be from chapter 1-3

PLEASE help me out, i'm so stuck, honestly I really want my group to be actually discussing my questions..

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help!

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    You may get some ideas from this site.

    You might ask your team to discuss divisions in our American society.

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    I already tried sparknotes and everyother website I thought of miss...:(unfortunately

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    I've never read this book, and even knowing what your one discussion question is doesn't help. However, here's something you can try:

    Go through each chapter you need to be discussing, and ask yourself some "what if" quesitons -- what if this had not happened; what if this character were male instead of female (or vice versa); what if ...

    The "what if" questions can lead you to thinking more deeply about what is happening in the story. To come up with decent discussion questions takes time and thought. They are rarely tossed off in a few minutes.

    Let us know what you come up with ... in case someone else here has read the book.

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