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Posted by susue on Sunday, July 7, 2013 at 7:57pm.

discomfort in a rib injury comes mainly from?
B.changes in atmospheric pressure
C.ising the arms
D.sudden expansion of the chest
my answer is d

the most common type of hernia in a male is?

my answer is c

an ankle brace should be worn ? promote healing of an ankle injury prevent injury relieve pain and fatigue strengthen a weak ankle
my answer is c

osteoarthritis? characterised by painful,stiff,and swollen joints
B.attacks especially weight-bearing joints and the fingers
C.can also attack the heart,spleen and kidneys the most common form of arthritis among children

my answer is b?

the purpose of an abdominal support is to?
A.restore abdominal organs to their proper place and shape
B.substitute for muscle which have become useless
C.improve appearance
D.give weakened muscles a chance to regain effectiviness
my answer is a

elastic hose retain their usefulness?
A.when their weight equals that of non-support hose
B.with full-foot styling
C.when their elasticity and compressive strength lasts
D.when they are cafefully put on

my answer is c

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