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Common stock that pays cash dividends can be viewed as:
an annuityĆ¢€”regularly spaced payments of the same dollar amount for a fixed number of periods.
a perpetuityĆ¢€”regularly spaced payments of the same dollar amount that continue indefinitely.
similar to a perpetuity but with irregular spacing of the dividends.
similar to a perpetuity but with dividends that change amount.

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    This looks like homework dumping. We might be able to help you if you posted your answer to each of these questins.

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    I'm taking a quiz and these are the questions I'm stuck on I'm not dumping I just don't understand and am uncertain of which answer is the best choice

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    A quiz is designed to find out what you've learned.

    Please go back and study -- really study -- your text materials. Then you should at least have some ideas about the answers to these questions.

    If you still can't figure any of them out, I suggest you drop this class.

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