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Posted by Diane on Sunday, July 7, 2013 at 11:57am.

I would like for someone to confirm that my choice of answers for these three questions are correct. If there is a incorrect answer out of the three questions that I chose please advise me to the right choice. Thank you!

1). Dr. Casey is evaluating a psychological test. In the course of the evaluation, he has administered the test to the same individual on different occasions, and examined whether or not the test gives an accurate prediction of the individualís performance on a particular measure. Which two evaluation aspects is Marcel reviewing? (I chose C).

A). Split-half reliability and construct validity

B). Content validity and alternate-forms reliability

C). Test-retest reliability and criterion-related validity (I chose this answer)

D). Functional validity and norm reliability

2). How can the relationship between assessment and diagnosis in counseling be stated? (I chose C).

A). Proper diagnosis can lead to accurate client assessment.

B). Assessment and diagnosis combine to alleviate ethical problems.

C). Assessment provides the necessary information to make a diagnosis. (I chose this answer)

D). Ongoing education is a necessary support for both assessment and diagnosis.

3). Renee is conducting a clinical interview of a client. She has obtained a phenomenological understanding of the clientís situation by listening closely. She has taken background information on the clientís life. And she has explored the clientís symptoms and concerns. What is the next step that should be taken in the course of the interview? (I chose B).

A). Administer standardized and non-standardized measures.

B). Conduct a mental status examination. (I chose this answer)

C). Explore organic factors that might be contributing to the problem.

D). Establish goals and develop a treatment plan.

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