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1. Wrongful death statutes create a right to collect damages for
A. loss to the patient's estate of future earnings.
B. loss to familial quality of life.
C. punitive damages
D. pain and suffering of the patient.
My answer A
2. Elizabeth says duty of care is the obligation health care workers have toward patients. Randy says professional etiquette is the obligation health care workers have toward patients. Who is correct?
A. Only Randy is correct.
B. Neither is correct
C. Only Elizabeth is correct
D. Both are correct
My answer
3. Joyce phones Dr. Smith's office and makes an appointment for a physical exam. Which of the following most accurately describes the consent status for this situation?
A. Its an emergency, rendering consent unnecessary.
B. There's express consent for Dr. Smith to perform any appropriate treatment.
C. There's implied consent for Dr. Smith to perform the physical examination.
D. There's written consent, which is necessary.
My answer C
4. Mediation is different from arbitration in that
A. mediators make binding decisions determining who is right.
B. mediation is form of ADR and arbitration isn't
C. mediators are unpaid
D. mediators don't make binding decisions determining who is right
My answer B
5. Which of the following best describes Good Samaritan laws?
A. The laws require doctors to assist to accident scenes.
B. The laws require doctors to be medically trained to assist whenever asked at an emergency.
C. The laws entitle doctors and nurses who assist at accident to receive payment from the state for doing so.
D. The laws protect doctors from negligence claims, provided certain standards are met.
My answer D
Which of the following should you not do when correcting a medical record?
A. Obliterate the error
B. Date the correction
C. Have the correction witnessed and initialed
D. Explain why the correction is being made
My answer A
7. Which of the following is true regarding consent to abortion ?
A. Spouses must consent to the abortion
B. The natural father must give consent to the abortion
C. Laws in all states require a 24-hour waiting period
D. Laws on consent and abortion change frequently and vary among states
My answer C
8. Of the following, who owns medical records?
A. Department of Health
B. Patient
C. Owners of the facility where they were made
D. Physician's assistant, nurse, or other person making the record
My answer C
9. Protected health information includes all medical information that
A. could be considered a medical record
B. is relevant to treatment
C. contains any patient identifiers
D. is designated as protected by the patient
My answer C
The minimum necessary rule applies to which of the following?
A. All disclosure of PHI
B. Only disclosures not permitted under one of the eleven permissions in HIPAA
C. Only disclosures made to a court
D. Only disclosures made without patient authorization
My answer A

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