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(Q1)What is the orbital radius and speed of a synchronous satellite which orbits the earth once every 24h? Take G=0.0000000000667Nm2/kg2. Mass of the earth is 598000000kg (a)4200000m and 31000m/s (b)5600000m and 4300m/s (c)430000m and 5000m/s(d)3400000m and 6000m/s (Q2) A ball of mass 50g tied to the end of a 50cm inextensible string is whirled around in a vertical circle . Find the tension in the string when the ball is at the top of the circle. take g=10m/s2 (a)70.7N(b)20.4N(c)39.5N(d)96.3N (Q3)An upward force of 12000N acts on an elevator of mass20000kg.Calculate the acceleration of the elevator.Take g=9.8m/s2 (a)3.8m/ s2 doward(b)4.7m/s2 upward(c)3.8m/s2 upward(d)4.7m/s2doward

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