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Mary walks west at 2.0m/s for 15 seconds, then north at 3.0m/s for 2o seconds and then east at 4.0m/s for 0 seconds. What is her displacement
answer is (108m(N56 DEgrees E)

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    There is probably a typo:
    ...east at 4.0m/s for 0 seconds.
    should probably read
    ...east at 4.0m/s for 30 seconds.

    Sum up all the individual displacements to get the overall displacement.

    Let +x=east, +y=north, then
    =(-2*15+0+4*30, 0+3*20+0)
    =(90, 60)
    =108.17 in direction atan(90/60)=N56.3°E

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