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Posted by kate on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 6:05am.

(Q1)A wire of cross- sectional area of 0.00006m2 and length 50cm stretches by 0.2mm under a load of 3000n.Calculate the Young's modulus for the wire (a)80000000000Nm-2(b)125000000000Nm-2(c)25000000000Nm-2(d)5000000000Nm-2 (Q2)a square plate of side 10cm is made of a metal of linear expansivity0.00002/k.As the plate is heated from 30c to 100c.The area of one face of the plate will increase to (a)1056cm2(b)104.2cm2(c)102.8cm2(d)101.4cm2

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