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A mixture of nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas reacts in a closed container to form ammonia
gas. The reaction ceases before either reactant is completely consumed. At this stage the
container has 3.0 mol each of all three gases; nitrogen, hydrogen and ammonia. How many
moles of hydrogen and nitrogen were present initially?

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    Let's try this.
    N2 + 3H2 ==> 2NH3

    We start with an unknown amount of N2 and H2 but zero NH3. If we end up with 3.0 mols NH3, we must have used up 3.0/2 or 1.5 mols N2 and 1.4*3 = 4.5 mols H2 as shown in the equation.
    ....N2 + 3H2 ==> 2NH3
    So x must be 1.5+3.0 = ?
    y = 4.5 + 3.0 = ?
    How does that look to you?

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