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Physics (Stress & Strain)

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The ultimate strength of a steel rod is 550.000MPa. If the factor of safety of 3.000 is required, what is the maximum permissible load for the rod if it has a diameter of 4.100cm?
ANS = kN (Round to 3 decimal places)

ultimate strength = 550.000MPa
Factor of safety = 3.000
Rod diameter = 4.100cm = .041m

Not sure how to find the maximum permissible load for the rod. Need some help please. Thank you.

  • Physics (Stress & Strain) -

    Factor of safety = ultimate strength/allowable strength
    Allowable strength= ultimate strength/ Factor of safety=
    Allowable strength=Load/Area =>
    Load= Allowable strength x Area =
    = Allowable strength x (π•d²/4)

    =183.33•10⁶•π•0.041²/4=0.242•10⁶ N=
    =242 kN

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