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Can you please help me express the first two questions? I also need you to go through the other questions and tell me if they are grammatically correct.
Thank you very much in advance.

1) What role does time play in the narrative technique of the interior monologue?
2) Which kind of interior monologue does Virginia Woolf make use of in her novel Mrs Dalloway?
Briefly summarize the content of your dissertation in English.
3) Briefly describe the various steps of the winemaking process
4) What does the alcoholic fermentation consist of?
5) In your dissertation about winemaking you stated that there are two schools of thought about barrel ageing. Would you please refer to them?
6) In her conversation with her servant Nelly, Catherine states that Heathcliff has altered the colour of her mind “like wine through water”. Can you explain the meaning of this simile (comparison)?
7) I'm quite pleased (satisfied) with the result of your written test. You got .....
You have demonstrated a good konowledge of the topics and a satisfactory (an acceptable) grammar and lexical accuracy.

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    In 5, you should say "please explain them" rather than "refer to them".

    In 6, delete "Can you" -- you really don't want to know if the student can -- you want him/her to actually explain, right?

    Everything else is fine.

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