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Posted by Avinash on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 9:54am.

MR. x is invested a certain amount in debit and equity funds the ratio of 4:5 respectively,At the end of one year ,he earned a total dividend of 30% on his investment. After one year he reinvested the amount includeing dividend in the ratio 6:7 in debt and equity funds. Ifthe amount reinvested in Equity funds was RS 94,500, what was the original amount invested in Equity funds ?

1)75,000 2)81000 3)60000 4)65000 5)none of these
Ans is 1) i was tryed

2)if the length of rectangular field is increased by 20% and the breadth is reduced by 20% , the area of the rectangle will be 192 m^2 , what is the area of the orignal rectangle ?
1) 184 2)196 3)204 4)225 5)none of these
Ans is 5)
plz tell me how to do it

3) product of one-third of a number and 150% of another number is what percent of the product of original number ?
1) 80 2) 50 3) 75 4)120 5) none of these
Ans is 2)
plz post how to slove these questions by step wise

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