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Chemistry answer check

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What quantity of heat is required to produce 5 mol of oxygen gas by this reaction? HgO(s) → Hg(l) + ½ O2(g), ΔH = +90.7kJ

I calculated 90.7*5, but my online homework says its wrong how do I calcuate this?

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    907.5 kJ

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    What do you have to multiply ½ O2 by to get 5 moles of O2?


    Solving for x

    x=10, so you have to multiply O2 and everything else by 10 to get the following:

    10HgO(s) → 10Hg(l) +5O2(g), ΔH = +907kJ not 907.5 kj. I apologize, a typo in my original response.

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