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Alec, Kate and Ketan are roommates who share living expenses in a ratio of
k: 2a: 5k
respectively. If their total expenses each month equal $1400, how much is Ketan's monthly contribution?
(A) 280/2a+6k
(B) 700/2a+6k
(C) 1400k/2a+6k
(D) 2800a/2a+6k
(E) 7000k/2a+6x

Please help! I have no idea how to do this.

  • Math - ,

    k+2a+5k = 1400
    6k+2a = 1400
    1400/(2a+6k) = 1
    multiplying by 5k, we get

    7000k/(2a+6k) = 5k

    So, (E)

    To check, plug in something simple like k=100 and see what you get.

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