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A weather balloon carrynig a data measurement(DM) is rising quickly at a constant velocity, U. when its 60m above ground, balloon pops and the dm experiences freefall. It reaches ground 4 seconds after the balloon pops. If DM set hits ground at speed greater than 40 ms-1 it will break.

Explain whether the DM set broke. showing your working clearly.

State whether the dm set would have broke if the weather balloon was moving at a constant velocity of -U if it pops

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    the height of the DM after the balloon pops is given by

    y(t) = 60 + Ut - 4.9t^2
    If y(4) = 0, then

    60+4U-78.4 = 0
    U = 4.6

    The speed of the DM is given by
    v(t) = U-9.8t
    v(4) = U-39.2

    So, as long as U > 0.8, the DM will hit the ground with v > -40m/s and will not break.

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