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Physics (Stress & Strain)

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A uniform bar 1.900m in length and having a cross sectional area of 10.500cm^2 is subject to a loading of 5550.000N. This load causes an extension of the bar length of 1.100mm. Calculate the stress and strain produced.

Stress = Load/ Area
Strain = Change in length/ length
cross section = 10.500cm = 105mm
bar length = 1.100mm

Would I first need to solve for the Area? How do I find the Area? Help.

ANS 1 = kPa (round to 3 decimal places)
ANS 2 = (round to 6 decimal places)

  • Physics (Stress & Strain) -

    Area 10.5cm²=10.5*10^(-4) m²
    Load = 5550 N
    =5550/(10.5*10^-4) Pa
    =5285.714 kPa

    1.1mm/1.9 m
    =1.1*10-3 m / 1.9m
    =0.000 579 (no units)

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