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Posted by John on Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 5:38am.

I urgently need someone from Jiskha to check if these questions are grammatically correct. Thank you very much in advance.

1) Can you briefly repeat the content of your history dissertation in English?
2) What is the first part of the poem "The Waste Land" devoted to? What does the phrase unreal city allude to?
3) What kind of society is mirrored? Who is Mr Eugenides and what is he used to doing?
4) Who is Tiresias and why do present, past and future coexist in him? What does Tiresias see?
5)How is the Eliot’s Waste Land structured and what makes it a modernist poem?
6) What phase in Eliot’s career does the Waste Land represent?
7) What does the dry landscape of the waste land stand for?
8) What does the film “The life of Others” focus on?
9) How did Winston Churchill famously describe the situation between the Soviet and the American spheres of influence after the Second World War? 10) Why did Berlin Wall become the iconic symbol of the Cold War?
What does the word Stasi stand for? Who founded it and what was its main duty?
11) Through the telescreen the Thought Police monitor the life of its/their citizens

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