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I'm supposed to graph y= 4+2sin (pi/6 t -pi/5)

i have the vertical shift d=4
amplitude 2
level line y=4
crest line y=6
trough line y=2

but i am not sure what the period is
formula for period 2pi/b
in this case 2pi/pi/6 => 12pi/pi

do the pi's cancel, leaving the period at 12????

am i doing this right?

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    You are correct,
    for y = sin kx, the period is 2π/k

    in your case you have 2π/(π/6)
    = 2π(6/π) = 12 (units of t)

    I am surprised you don't have to find the phase shift
    to get the correct phase shift your equation should be in the form
    y = 4 + 2sin[ (π/6)( t - 6/5) ]

    so the phase shift is 6/5 units to the right.

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    I did have to find those too but i was stuck on the Period!
    thank you so very much!

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