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Homework Help: Vocabulary

Posted by cici on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 2:25pm.

select the item that best completes the comparison:

1. inhabitant is to settled as
a. citizen is to abominable
b. vagabond is to wandering
c. orphan is to disinterested
d. homebody is to gory

Answer is B
2. fear is to intimidate as
a. dirt is to scour
b. trust is to discredit
c. force is to quash
d. argument is to verge

Answer is C

3. vegetable is to perishable as
a. iron is to durable
b. pet is to gullible
c. clown is to sinister
d. argument is to logical

Answer is A

4. exalt is to higher as
a. persevere is to lower
b. lag is to higher
c. debase is to lower
d. deem is to higher

Answer is C

5. thankful is to ingratitude as
a. ambiguous is to uncertainty
b. belligerent is to strife
c. eternal is to duration
d. unrepentant is to remorse

Answer is D

6. serene is to stormy as
a. petty is to trifling
b. martial is to warlike
c. global is to universal
d. boisterous is to quiet

Answer is D

7. inept is to bungle as
a. amiable is to insult
b. frugal is to conserve
c. aggressive is to pacify
d. sensitive is to strand

Answer is B

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