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Posted by Amy on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 3:04pm.

1. In Gore Vidal’s article titled “Drugs,” the word “exhortation” means:
A. language intended to incite and encourage.
B. deportation.
C. depression.
D. a sad facial expression.

is it A

2. The purpose of a causal analysis essay is to:
A. apply successfully for a job.
B. break down a process into steps.
C. explain causes and/or effects to the reader.
D. entertain.

is it C

3. In Richard Rhodes’ article titled “Hollow Claims about Fantasy Violence,” the word “confections” means:
A. inventions or advances in technology.
B. timekeeping devices.
C. light but entertaining theatrical, cinematic, or literary works.
D. fines for speeding tickets.

is it A

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