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A woman on a bridge 81.6 m high sees a raft floating at a constant speed on the river below. She drops a stone from rest in an attempt to hit the raft. The stone is released when the raft has 9.13 m more to travel before passing under the bridge. The stone hits the water 4.30 m in front of the raft. Find the speed of the raft.

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    h = 0.5g*t^2 = 81.6 m.
    4.9t^2 = 81.6
    t^2 = 16.65
    t = 4.08 s. to hit ground.

    d = 9.13-4.30 = 4.83 m. = Distance the boat traveled in 4.08 s.

    Speed = d/t = 4.83/4.08 = 1.18 m/s.

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