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Can someone please double check my answers.

1. What pattern does the logarithmic function exhibit?
a. y = b+a(lnx)
b. y = a+b(lnx)
c. y = ax+b
d. y = axb

I think A and B both look right..I just went with B.

2. Let f(x) = log6x and g(x) = log1/2x. For all x>1, f(x)>g(x)


3. What is the value of the following logarithmic expression: y=log81


4. A total of $20,000 is invested at an annual interest rate of 6%. No matter how many years this money is invested, what is the best investment plan to earn the most money in the end?
a. Compounded quarterly
b. Compounded monthly
c. Compounded daily
d. Compounded continuously

I am really unsure about this one. I would guess D

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