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A police car is traveling at a velocity of 15.0 m/s due north, when a car zooms by at a constant velocity of 44.0 m/s due north. After a reaction time 0.700 s the policeman begins to pursue the speeder with an acceleration of 5.00 m/s^2. Including the reaction time, how long does it take for the police car to catch up with the speeder?

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    d1 = d2
    44(t+0.7) = Vo*t + 0.5a*t^2
    44t + 30.8 = 15t + 2.5t^2
    2.5t^2 + 15t-44t-30.8 = 0
    2.5t^2 -29t - 30.8 = 0
    Use Quadratic Formula and get:
    t = 12.6 s.

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