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0.125g of sodium dichromate is to be reacted wtih 0.025M potassium iodide. How many mLs of the potassium iodide solution will be needed.

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    1. balance equation is;

    Na2Cr2O7 + 2KI --> 2NaI + K2Cr2O7

    mass of Na2Cr2O7 = 0.125g
    mole of Na2Cr2O7 = m/Mr = 0.125g/Mr =___mole

    mole ratio
    Na2Cr2O7 : KI
    1 : 2

    2.calculate the mole of KI using the mole ratio above and mole of Na2Cr2O7.

    volume of KI = n/M where n is the mole you calculate in 2 for KI and M is the molarity of KI.

    the molarity is in mol/L so the volume you will get is in liters.

    hope that helps..

    mole of

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