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An infinite straight wire carrying a current I=5 A flowing to the right is placed above a rectangular loop of wire with width w=11 cm and length L=27 cm, as shown in the figure below. The distance from the infinite wire to the closest side of the rectangle is h=1.7 cm. The loop of wire has resistance R=0.31 Ohm.

(a) What is the magnitude (in Tesla) of the magnetic field due to the infinite wire at the point P in the rectangular loop, a distance r=3.2 cm from the wire (see figure).

In which direction does it point?

(b) Calculate the magnitude of the magnetic flux (in Tesla  m2) through the rectangular loop due to the magnetic field created by the infinite wire.

(c) Suppose the current in the infinite wire starts increasing in time according to I=bt, with b=50 Amps/sec. What is the magnitude (in Amps) of the induced current in the loop? Neglect any contribution to the magnetic flux through the loop due to the magnetic field created by the induced current.

(d) What is the direction of this current flow?

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