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Posted by Annoyingmous on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 3:30pm.

Two charged particles initially are traveling in the positive x direction, each with the same speed v, and enter a non-zero magnetic field at the origin O. The magnetic field for x>0 is constant, uniform and points out of the page. In the magnetic field, their trajectories both curve in the same direction, but describe semi-circles with different radii. The radius R2 of the semi-circle traced out by particle 2 is bigger than the radius R1 of the semi-circle traced out by particle 1, and R2R1=7.09. Note that the drawing is not to scale, so the ratio of radii may not be represented accurately. Assume that the particles are sent through at different times so that they do not interact with each other.

(a) Assume that the two particles have the same mass m, but have different charges, q1 and q2. What is the ratio q2q1?

(b) How much energy did the particle with charge q2 gain traversing the region with magnetic field?

(c) Assume that instead of different charges as shown in the figure, the two particles have the same charge q, but have different mass m1 and m2. What is the ratio m2m1?

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