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A: May I take your order?
B: Yes, please. I'll have two pretzels.
A: Anything else?
B: Three milks, please. How much is it all together?
A: It's 9,500 won.

Q1. Which one is correct based on the dialogue above?

1. How much is it all together?
2. How much are they all together?
(Which one is right?)

3. How uuch is two pretzels?
4. How much are two pretzels?
(Which one is right?)

5. How much is three milks?
6. How much are three milks?
(Which one is right?)

  • English -

    1 and 2 are both correct. # 1 with the singular "it" refers to the order. # 2 with the plural "they" refers to the individual food items.

    4. is correct.

    6. is correct.

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