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1.descibe the construction and working of machine used to generate high voltage?
2.draw electric lines between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor with 1(air) and 2(dielectric) as a medium?
3.near the surface of earth the field is about 100V/m. why do we then not experience an electric shock as we go into the open?

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    a. google van de grafe generator
    b. lines go from + to -. In a dielectric, the E is reduced.
    c. he potential of upper surface is 400KV w.r.t the Earth surface which itself has a electric field of 100V/m. Now, since we are always in contact with ground, we are at same potential with earth. However as soon we go into open, we come under influence of the atmospheric potential. But this becomes null since, the air just above our head changes its original equipotential surface keeping our body with same potential of the ground

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