March 26, 2017

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In which quadrant is the terminal side of angle A?

A = -5π/6

a. Quadrant III
b. Quadrant I
c. Quadrant II
d. Quadrant IV

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    Think of degrees if radians give you trouble

    π radians = 180°
    so (-5/6)π radians = -(5/6)(180)° = -150°
    so going clockwise 150° would put you into quadrant III

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    Hello, i cant find out the values of x1,x2 can u help me please?

    sinx=-1 <0 (III;IV)

    x1= ?
    x2= ?

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    to Fred:

    We are going to look for the values of x.
    sin is < 0 meaning, the values are either in quadrant III/ IV.
    First, identify the rad equivalent where sin equates to -1.

    And that would be 270 degrees or 3pi/2 located at the 3rd quadrant.
    3rd quadrant (check!)
    4th quadrant (?)

    The range for the 3rd quadrant is 180-270 degrees, and the range of for 4th quadrant is from 270-360 degrees.

    if you have a limit such as the values are only within [0, 2pi] then you only need 3pi/2 since its within the 3rd and 4th quadrant.

    x1= 3pi/2. x2= 3pi/2.

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    In which quadrant does the terminal side of a 240° angle in standard position lie?

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