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a large bus and a van, both moving with a velocity of magnitude v, have a head-on-collision and both the vehicles stop after the collision. if the time of the collision is 1 sec then, a) which vehicle experiences smaller force of impact? b) which vehicle experiences the smaller momentum change? c) which vehicle experiences the greater acceleration? d) why is it that the truck suffers less damage than the car?

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    a) action is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to reaction, Newton 3

    b) total momentum is conserved
    Initial momentum = Mv - m v
    final momentum = 0 if both stopped
    so I claim that the mass of the bus equals the mass of the van if they both stop. If not they would continue in the direction the more massive vehicle was traveling. I suspect a typo and both did not stop. Anyway if both stopped, their momentum change was equal in magnitude and opposite in sign.
    b) since mass and initial speeds the same, same acceleration.
    c) It must be stronger.
    I think this question is a typo and in fact the vehicles did not stop but continued on in the direction of the truck but I answered what you asked.

    c) acceleration is

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