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1. A wave has a wavelength of 10 mm and a frequency of 5.0 hertz. What is its speed?

A. 50 mm/s

B. 50 hertz/s

C. 2.0 mm/s

D. 0.50 mm/s

2. Which type of mechanical wave needs a source of energy to produce it?

A. a transverse wave

B. a longitudinal wave

C. a surface wave

D. all of the above

3. When a wave strikes a solid barrier, it behaves like a basketball hitting a backboard. This wave behavior is called

A. constructive interference.

B. diffraction.

C. refraction.

D. reflection.

4. In refraction, when a wave travels from one medium to another, it

A. changes speeds.

B. stays in step.

C. always moves in the same direction.

D. travels in the opposite direction.

5. Transverse and longitudinal waves both

A. have compressions and rarefactions.

B. transfer energy through a medium.

C. move at right angles to the vibration of the medium.

D. are capable of moving the medium a long distance.

6. Suppose two waves collide and the temporary combined wave that results is smaller than the original waves. What term best describes this interaction?

A. diffraction

B. destructive interference

C. standing wave formation

D. constructive interference

7. To what is amplitude related?

A. the amount of energy carried by the wave

B. the maximum displacement from the rest position

C. neither A nor B

D. both A and B

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