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Posted by Jerald on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 6:21pm.

Nicole drew a circle on the chalkboard that had a radius of 15 cm. Which is closest to the circumference in centimeters of the circle she drew on the board?

Which statement is not supported by the information in the graph?
6th graders 188 boys 192 girls
7th graders 179 boys 183 girls
8th graders 181 boys 186 girls

A.There are approximately 15 more girls that attend this school than boys
B.There are approximately 20 more students in the 6th grade than in the 7th
C.More boys attend this school than girls
D.There are more total students in the 8th grade than in the 7th

Which of the following best represents the improper fraction of 9/5?

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