February 26, 2017

Homework Help: SAT math

Posted by mysterychicken on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 3:54pm.

1. x>15-2x / -3 Solve the linear inequality. Write the solution in set builder notation.
So, -3x>15-2x, x<-15..?
And how do I write it in set builder notation?

2. y+x=9 and 3y=2x + 8. How do I solve this system of equations?

3. Find the maximum y- value of the following quadratic function: f(x)= -2x^2 + 7x + 1

4. Solve the following equation: 4x/3 + 1/2 = 5y/6
I'm not even sure what this question is asking...

5. Find the solution set to the equation below: 2*absolute value of x-100 = 50 +absolute value of x-100.
x = 150?

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