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In response to a typo which I immediately corrected:

Writeacher writes:
"@allthehomework needs to stop answering questions since he/she often has to apologize or is not 100% sure of what he/she has written.


That was not very classy Writeacher. I see that you are an admin here, for some reason which alludes me.

It is pretty rude to publicly blast someone like that.

a) I registered with an email, and it's proper forum etiquette to warn users before banning. It's also good to actually post rules so people can know what is expected of them (For example, "1. Don't say 'sorry' or Writeacher will ban you").

b) Judging from your posts, math/science is not your area of expertise? So correct me if I'm wrong, but did you actually check the math/science behind any of my answers, or are you just assuming my answers are flawed because I use the words "I guess" or "I think?" I didn't see you correct any mistakes of mine, and seen as there are so many and you are so much more qualified than me in this area perhaps you can do that now?

c) Most importantly, making a mistake and openly acknowledging and correcting it is the sign of a good teacher. How can one ever expect students to learn from mistakes if teachers pretend to never make any of their own? Conversely, pointing out the mistakes of others to inflate your own ego is the antithesis of good teaching. Furthermore, prematurely rushing in with the banhammer also screams that you cling very dearly to the "power" afforded to you as an admin of a geocities era website. It just comes off as a very transparent and desperate attempt at self-validation.


d) Lastly, IP address bans are very weak. IP address <> a person. As it appears to me, you let anyone post answers, without even having to register, until they equivocate in language or god forbid make a mistake and then you ban an IP address? Then once banned, there is no communication as to why, how to fix it, or even that they are banned in the first place? What kind of silly policy is that? From a technical standpoint, you do know that people have different IP addresses all the time, right? Given your setup, it doesn't look like you actually have a meaningful way of preventing people from posting (as evidenced by this very post right here).

If you don't want me to post, I'll willingly stop. It's really not that big a deal. And after all, if you want to summarily ban the volunteers this website depends upon, who am I to stand in your way? But show some self-respect and talk to me directly about it via my email address, for pete's sake. Until you actually talk to me I have no real reason to think I've been banned, as I've only inferred that I am thus far.

For reference, my qualifications are BSc, BEd, Honour Roll, 92 percentile MCAT, and 11 years of teaching. I tutor math up to first year calculus as well as the MCAT.

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