February 20, 2017

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Posted by PreMed33 on Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 5:52pm.

Suppose you are studying coordination compounds of Co(II) with the ligand pyridine (py, C5H5N, molar mass=79.10). You isolate a crystalline compound, and because the only available anions are Cl- and NO3-, you hypothesize that the empirical formula of the coordination compound must be Cow(py)x(Cl)y(NO3)z.

Addition of AgNO3 to aqueous solutions of the complex results in a cloudy white precipitate, presumably AgCl. You dissolve 0.100 g of the complex in H2O and perform a precipitation titration with 0.0500 M AgNO3 as the titrant. Using an electrode that is sensitive to [Ag+], you reach the endpoint after 9.00 mL of titrant is added. How many grams of chloride ion were present in the 0.100g sample?

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