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English 8R - HELP!!!!!

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Why anne frank and the holocaust SHOULD NOT be taught in the middle schools?


- students won't be able to handle it (due to immaturity)

that's all I got, please help!!!!! I need other reasons

  • English 8R - HELP!!!!! - ,

    Did you choose this side of the argument?

    Anne Frank's diary has no descriptions of the horror of the Holocaust.

    I taught middle school for many years and found no students who couldn't handle Anne Frank and an introduction to the Holocaust.

    Have you read this book?

  • English 8R - HELP!!!!! - ,

    yes and no in my class we watched the movie

    I need other reasons why the holocaust should not be taught in middle schools

  • English 8R - HELP!!!!! - ,

    You're mistaking Anne Frank's diary with knowledge about the Holocaust.

    I know of no reasons why the Holocaust shouldn't be taught in Middle School. That doesn't mean that these students should be exposed to every gory detail and horrendous tortures. But middle school students should be taught the basics of the Holocaust. I was 11 years old when the war ended and started learning about the Holocaust on my own when I was about 12 years old.

    These sites introduce the Holocaust to middle school kids.

    I urge you to read Anne Frank's diary.

  • plz help! I'm really going to have a panic attack (NOT lying) - ,

    this is my essay so far

    The story of Anne Frank and The Holocaust should not be taught in middle school. It should be saved for high school when students are more mature. The students would be able to handle it better when they are older. When I was in sixth grade, we watched some movies about the Holocaust and there was a Jewish student in my class. While the class was watching the movie he was crying due to how badly the Jews were treated. I think students under age of sixteen won’t be able to handle this horrifying subject. Some will think it’s a joke even though it’s not. The appropriate age to learn about the Holocaust is sixteen.

    The reason why it should be taught in high school is because students will understand how to treat others and teaches them about prejudice. Students will also learn to be grateful what they have. Staying in one room for two years with NOTHING to do is crazy. The middle schoolers won't understand

    The material is a not appropriate. You're learning about race, religion, and genocide.

    I'm having a hard time breaking down the paragraphs and adding more details.

    I have to write THREE SUPORTING reasons why the holocaust SHOULD NOT be taught in middle school. I'm trying not to write the first reason in my intro but I have NOTHING else to write in my intro.

    plz help! I'm really going to have a panic attack (NOT lying)

  • English 8R - HELP!!!!! - ,

    i'm really going through some stress lately ..... and i really want to get a good grade on this project

  • English 8R - HELP!!!!! - ,

    - teaching about past discrimination can objectify current ethnic stereotype as well as reinforce discrimination

    - graphic pictures and gory details have been proven by behavioral scientists to deaden senses, especially when children are exposed too early.

    P.S. grammar note, using "I" or any other first/second person pronouns in Academic writing is wrong. Same thing goes for contractions. Hope this helps (:

  • English 8R - HELP!!!!! - ,

    I agree with Ms. Sue, and I think Janette is wrong BECAUSE THERE ARE NO GORY PICTURES OR REFERENCES IN THIS DIARY!! How many times can we say this??

    And ... if all you did was see the movie, how can you intelligently write about whether the BOOK should be taught at any age level?

    Plus ... teaching about stereotypes is exactly how to teach students NOT to stereotype.

    PLUS ... 8th grade is perfect for teaching this book for so many reasons, it's hard to count them!

    Why did you choose this side of the question to write about?

  • English 8R - HELP!!!!! - ,

    because i can writeacher!



    and wow NOW you reply my post! you do realize I was sleeping at that time....

    anyways thanks Janette

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