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As of May 17th 1213, the price of cobalt metal on the London Metal Exchange was $27500 per metric ton. One metric ton is defined as 1000Kg. Determine the price of cobalt in cents per atom.

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    Look at PT and get molar mass for Cobalt. Then in your final calculation set grams= to atoms which is the same as moles.

    Do you know how to set up initially?

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    No, could you explain PT.

    the molar mass for cobalt is 58.93 g/mols \
    where do i go form there

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    periodic have it correct. gram/mol
    moles are same thing as atoms so your last calcs will be
    1kg/1000g=1gram=1mole/58.93 grams you should be left with moles which again is atoms.

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    so it would be

    27500 metric ton * 1 metric ton/1000kg *1kg/1000g*1mol/58.93g

    giving you 466.655 cents in atoms?

    is that right or did i mess up

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    I got 162 cents per atom

    I could be wrong but that's what Im calculating

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    what that correct?

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