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Find the area of the base and the volume of a cone.
the height is 17 and the radius is 8. my answer needs to be in pie

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    area of the base
    = area of the circle with radius 8
    = π(8^2) = 64π units

    Volume = (1/3)πr^2 h
    = (1/3)π(64)(17) = 544π units^2

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    these are the answer I have to pick from for volume
    1088/3 pi feet cubed
    960 pi feet cubed
    320 pi feet cubed
    1088 pi feet cubed

  • geometry -

    You could have easily seen that I made a calculation error
    (1/3)π(64)(17) is correct,
    but then I must have divided by 2 instead of by 3

    clearly it should have been


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