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Engineering science

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A vehicle with a mass of 1200 kg accelerates uniformly from rest upwards with an incline of 1:25 and reaches a speed of 72 km/h after 2 minutes,calculate:
1.The kineyic energy of the vehicle after 2 minutes
2.The potential energy of the vehicle after 2 minutes

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    Kinetic energy,
    m=mass of object (kg)
    v=velocity (m/s)

    Potential energy
    m=mass in kg
    g=acceleration due to gravity, m/s-2
    h=height above datum in m.

    To calculate h, you need the distance travelled.
    For uniform acceleration, distance d, is the average speed (72 km/h ÷ 2, converted to m/s) multiplied by the time (2 minutes, converted to seconds).
    The height, h is then
    h=d*slope = d/25 (for a 1/25 slope)

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