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would someone please work this problem out in steps so I can understand it. book not helping confusing me more. A study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the cost, y (in tens of thousands of dollars), per unit of equipment manufactured and the number of units produced per run, x. The resulting equation for the line of best fit is given below, with x being observed for values between 10 and 200. If a production run was scheduled to produce 55 units, what would you predict the cost per unit to be in dollars?
yhat = 7.88 − 0.05x

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    Here is your equation:

    yhat = 7.88 - 0.05x

    Substitute 55 for x and solve for yhat (that will be your predicted value).

    I'll show you how this is done:

    yhat = 7.88 - 0.05(55) = 7.88 - 2.75 = 5.13

    yhat = 5.13 (cost per unit)

    I hope this helps.

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