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A farmer had 500 ducks and 300 chickens. He gave his sister 100 chickens and ducks. Later, the farmer bought 10 more ducks and 75 more chickens. As a result, the number of ducks decreased by 12% and the number of chickens increased by 15%.

a) How many ducks did the farmer give away?
b) How many chickens did he give away?

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    We can do this without algebra:

    originally he had 500 ducks
    the final number was 12% less , or 88% of the original
    = 440 ducks
    but that includes the purchase of 10 ducks, so the give-away must have been 70 ducks
    so he must have given away 30 chickens

    so his final count for chickens
    = 300 - 30 + 75 (the new purchase) = 345
    change = increase of 45 chickens
    is this 15% of 300 ? YES

    He gave his sister 70 ducks and 30 chickens

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    Explain ur answers more

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